Ehrenberg Area Cleanup & Meetup – AZ 11/16-27/21

Plans for Fall and Information on the Ehrenberg Clean Up & Meet Up Nov 16th – 27th.

Helping pass along information for PinTheTrash App and Nomadic Management plans for helping with the clean-up. Pin the trash is a much-needed social initiative taken by non-profit Nomadic Management with the goal to keep our public lands clean.

Nomadic Management’s Goals · Cleaning area of debris · Relocate debris to recycling centers · Encourage cleanup · Maintain lands Nomadic Management’s mission is to promote garbage collection and maintain an ecosystem where nature and people can. With pin the trash, you will be able to help us locate places that need cleaning up. As a result, we will be able to, ·

Put a dumpster out in strategic locations. ·

Recycle properly at disposal centers. ·

Get our community ready and encouraged to clean up lands for our future generations. So join the movement through Pin the trash


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