Home on Wheels Alliance Caravans

For many wanting to get into the nomad community, you are held back as you don’t know people and could use some help finding others to camp and caravan with.  HOWA has organized caravans in the Quartzite area starting at regular intervals to accommodate anyone wanting to join.

Some of the caravans are mixed gender, some are for women only, some are for men only to make things more comfortable for those wanting to be with their gender or in a mixed group.

Go to this page to find out everything you need to know:
Home on Wheels Alliance Caravans

3 comments to Home on Wheels Alliance Caravans

  • Mary Cavenaugh

    When are your all-women caravans forming for June 2022? Where will they be staying during the summer months?

    Mary Cavenaugh
    Redmond, Oregon

    • Hello, According to their site, they have all caravans closed until October.

      Homes On Wheels Alliance

      Not speaking for HOWA, but as a general comment. The Quartzsite area is popular in the winter months, and there are various other groups that travel away from there, and many people just do their own thing, generally up to higher elevations or to more northern states. There is an Illinois event coming up, and others scattered around, but nothing I am familiar with similar to the HOWA caravans.

  • kC

    The HOWA caravans begin October 5th 2022. The locations have now been posted. Remember, they do change location every 14 days to comply with the BLM rules.

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