Homes on Wheels Alliance “VIRTUAL CARAVANS” 5X Week

Homes On Wheels Alliance · Join the Homes on Wheels Alliance “VIRTUAL CARAVANS”! FIND COMMUNITY – both for nomads and those preparing for the nomadic lifestyle MEET OTHERS – for a possible in-person caravan DISCUSS – all things nomadic 5 TIMES PER WEEK – Sun at 9am PDT for Women – Sun at 11am […]

Ehrenberg Area Cleanup & Meetup – AZ 11/16-27/21

Plans for Fall and Information on the Ehrenberg Clean Up & Meet Up Nov 16th – 27th.

Helping pass along information for PinTheTrash App and Nomadic Management plans for helping with the clean-up. Pin the trash is a much-needed social initiative taken by non-profit Nomadic Management with the goal to keep our public lands […]