Schooliepalooza – Arizona 1/23-29/23

Dates changed, ignore dates on graphic!

Schooliepalooza 2023 Eherenburg Arizona

Schooliepalooza 2023: The Ungathering Eherenburg Arizona

In honor of all nomads worldwide, the anarchist, the hippy, the artist, the crafter, the private ones, the lost ones, the known ones and the loved ones we present: “SkooliePalooza 2023: The Ungathering”.

2 comments to Schooliepalooza – Arizona 1/23-29/23

  • Robert Clint

    If it turns into being a paid event than you can surely count my friends and I out. We are not into the capitalistic BS that is prevalent in this country.

    • Capitalism is what the country runs on. If we didn’t have capitalism we would be more 3rd world than we are. I have nothing to do with the event or organizers, but people are entitled to be compensated for their efforts. It is great that people spend their time for charity.

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