Hippie Breakfast and Bloody Mary Potluck 11/1 AZ

What is Hippie Breakfast???
It started first season at TLC. Those who camped in the vicinity of TLC would gather in the morning, throw in a few items and we’d cook over remaining coals.
Now, it has evolved into a greater adventure!!!
Whether it be leftovers from a previous night’s potluck, or a donate/contribute event, we gather to enjoy a bit of sunshine and feast amongst great company!!!
We have a Blackstone, a single butane burner, a Weber Grill and a fire pit grill. So, together, we can cook just about anything!!!
Also, we recently incorporated a Bloody Mary Bar as part of the adventure!!!
Remember, contributions to the potluck are not required to attend and eat. Come enjoy yourself.
Event always starts at tentatively 10ish AM. LOL
Yeah, some mornings following events are a bit more difficult than others.
We plan for ten and see where it goes. The event ends at tentatively noon, because let’s face it, we’re all gonna need a nap 🤣
Hope to see you here!!!
There will only be a few of these this season.
Please communicate with Shirley Colbert as to who’s bringing what…or just bring it and we’ll all figure it out together! Lol
If anyone is able to contribute to the Bloody Mary Bar, Don D will be the barkeep!!!
Thank you all for being a part of this epic season!!!

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