50th Annual Rainbow Family Gathering – CO 7/1-7/22

JUL 1 AT 10 PM – JUL 7 AT 1 AM

50th Annual Rainbow Family Gathering

Event by Tim Cedarbloom and Oregon Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes

Duration: 5 days
Public · Anyone on or off Facebook

DENVER — The so-called Rainbow Family Gatherings started in Colorado 50 years ago, and this year, it’ll reportedly be back.

Attendees told Denver7 that this year’s event could bring about 80,000 people together on one of Colorado’s forest lands.

coming back to Colorado this summer

“We expect a very large turnout this year,” said James Parisho, a 12-year Rainbow Family Gathering attendee who added the get-together is all about peace.

“We call ourselves a family though we’re not related by blood. We’re related by our common goal and our common interest in prayer for world peace, because that is what the Rainbow Gathering is entirely centered around,” Parisho said.

Parisho, along with others, typically gather as part of the Rainbow Family Gathering for an entire week.

“Usually, Rainbow is portrayed as being a hippie kind of event, and it very much is, but it very much isn’t. It’s very much for everyone. It’s welcoming to all kinds of people from your hippies to your, I guess you could say, rednecks or whoever. Everyone is welcome and everyone shows up,” he said.


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